Schleich Horse Club 42467 Small Carriage for the Big Horse Show

£ 26.99
Adorned with decorative horseshoes, shamrocks and butterflies, this beautiful carriage is only fit for the best horses and this gorgeous and gentle Connemara Pony wearing a dazzling halter is one of them! A lovely soft blanket and picnic basket filled with delicious picnic snacks are stowed aboard the carriage too, so sit back, relax and enjoy the Horse Show in the comfort of the carriage with your cute Chihuahua puppy by your side with this super play set! 1x girl, 1x Connemara pony, 1x Chihuahua puppy, 1x carriage with harness, 1x basket, 1x plate, 1x cup, 1x tablecloth, 1x cupcake, 1x apple, 1x bowl, 1x waist strap, 1x bridle, 1x reins, 6x decorative horseshoes, 6x decorative shamrocks, 6x decorative butterflies, 1x assembly instructions Suitable for children aged 12 years and up.