Trilobite Calymene

£ 6.00

Curious Minds Did You Know? During the process of fossilisation, the chemicals in the bone are replaced with rock-like minerals. The shape is kept, but a fossil has more rock properties than is does bone!

These Calymene Trilobite Fossils from Morocco are around 360 million years old. Every fossil is unique and makes beautiful gifts for everyone’s collection, young and old!

Trilobites meaning three lobes are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods- segmented bodies and limbs, with hard shells - that form the class Trilobita. The earliest trilobites known from the fossil records are dated to some 520 to 540 million years ago. The largest may have been 45 centimetres long and weighed 4.5 kilograms. They had many different lifestyles over their 300 million years on the planet – some moved across the seabed as predators, scavengers, or filter feeders whereas some swam, feeding on plankton and some even crawled on land!

This beautifully preserved fossil will look great as an ornament in the home, or as an addition to a fossil collection.

Own a prehistoric piece that existed before the dinosaurs!