Polymorph- Low Temperature Melting Plastic

£ 12.99

Polymorph is a fascinating new type of material. It is non toxic and completely biodegradable. Perfect for hobbyists whether you are model making or prototyping. At room temperature it is just as strong as normal plastic, but at 62 degrees C becomes soft and mouldable. It can be heated easily and quickly with hot water or a hairdryer and Polymorph can be coloured/dyed using food-grade colouring. 100g supplied.

Polymorph is one of a new generation of plastics with unusual properties. It has remarkably low fusing temperature of around 60°C. In other words, polymorph can be reduced to a mouldable condition be immersion in hot water! Once Polymorph has fused - and turns from opaque to clear - it can be moulded in many ways and stays workable to a much lower temperature. When fully cooled it is very similar in appearance and physical properties to nylon. If anything, it is stiffer, stronger and tougher than most plastics used in domestic products. it is a true thermoplastic and can be re-heated and re-moulded any number of times.

Caution: Do Not mould it around around any part of the human body due to the dangers involved in it hardening in position.