Playmobil Volkswagen Beetle

£ 35.00

Live life in the fast lane with the iconic cars from Volkswagen and Playmobil!

Freedom on four wheels with the Playmobil Volkswagen Beetle. With its iconic shape, curved fenders, vertical windscreen and rear bonnet, the iconic Beetle is ready to embark on any adventure in your child's playroom. Just like the original from 1960, the toy car from Playmobil delights with its attention to detail, including, beige seats, a chic folding roof and, of course, the classic 4-cylinder boxer engine in the rear. Now it's just a matter of tying the suitcase and surfboard to the roof rack before the Playmobil family is ready to head off to the beach! The three Playmobil figures and numerous accessories endure authentic fun, endless road trips and of course pure collecting pleasure for fans of the iconic car.

At first glance, the blue Beetle is a real eye-catcher. But, of course, the iconic car can do more than just look cool. If you remove the roof, up to 4 Playmobil figures can be seated in the interior and fixed with the foot clamps. Apart from the driver's seat, all seats are also suitable for child figures. Since mum, dad and son are on their way to the beach today, a cooler, sand toy and towel can be practically stowed on the back seat.

The three holidaymakers pack the suitcase and the large surfboard onto the luggage rack on the roof of the Beetle where everything is securely fastened using the two straps. But before the journey begins, the father quickly checks the engine again. He opens the boot, and inspects the 4-cylinder boxer engine. Everything looks good, and the journey can begin!

The playset for the Playmobil Volkswagen Beetle comes with a wide range of accessories, perfect for a trip to the beach, such as a surfboard. Depending on the rotation of the foot clamp, adult and child figures can be attached here. No matter where the journey leads, with the reliable VW Beetle no destination is too far and no road too long.

True to the originals, the iconic Volkswagen cars are now available from the Playmobil range. Whether as a collectible Volkswagen model car to display in your display cabinet or as an original gift for loyal VW enthusiasts, the legendary T1 bus and classic Beetle are an absolutely delight! Cool functions, numerous extras and, above all, amazing detail inspire children and adults alike as they embark on numerous adventures with the Playmobil Volkswagen range. Get in, buckle up, and off we go!

Figures: 1 woman, 1 man, 1 child

Accessories: 1 Volkswagen Beetle, 1 roof rack, 1 suitcase, 1 cooler, 1 surfboard, 1 umbrella, 1 towel, 1 sand pile, 1 sand castle, 1 sand bucket, 1 sand rake, 1 sand shovel, 1 umbrella cap, 3 bottles

Suitable for ages 5-99.