Playmobil Stunt Show Starter Pack Quad with Fire Ramp

£ 17.59

A perfect introduction to the Playmobil Stunt Show

Life-like figures and accessories, an age-appropriate number of parts and endless fun – with these starter packs from Playmobil, children from the age of 4 can explore, discover and experience the Playmobil Stunt Show theme world.

With the Playmobil Stunt Show Quad with Fire Ramp Starter Pack, dive right into the action. There is silence in the arena as the audience holds their breath. The Playmobil stuntman drives at full throttle onto the fire ramp, flips over onto the roll cage, and then lands the right way up! What a show! The audience can't get enough of the action-packed stunt show by the Playmobil driver.

And that's just the start of the fun – exciting stories with detailed characters and lots of accessories await imaginative girls and boys.

The countdown has started and the Playmobil Stunt Show is about to begin. Expect daring stunts, white-knuckle action and lots of fun with the stunt cars and stunt toys from this theme world. The Playmobil Stunt Show Monster Truck and Playmobil Stunt Show Crash Car delight with cool details, clever functions and brave figures that put on a spectacular show. Buckle up and let's go!

The arena is buzzing and the atmosphere is electric. The Playmobil stuntman is about to perform a daring feat over the fire ramp with his quad bike. He is secured with the help of a silicone belt. This Playmobil figure also wears a removable helmet and removable gloves for protection.

And off he goes! The Playmobil quad has a pull-back motor. Pull it back to build up enough speed for a successful stunt. When the quad reaches the edge of the ramp with enough speed, it flips forwards, rolls over and lands right way up thanks to the roll cage. Of course, this Playmobil vehicle can also be played with without the roll cage.

The awesome ramp makes the stunt even more spectacular – the two flames make a powerful impression. These can be attached to edge of the ramp.

Will the Playmobil stuntman succeed in this feat? Practice makes perfect!

Figures: 1 man

Accessories: 1 ramp, 1 quad, 2 gloves, 1 helmet, 2 flame barrels

Suitable for children aged 4-10.