Playmobil DIno Rise Saichania: Invasion of the Robot

£ 52.50

Unlimited action with Playmobil Dino Rise!

The Dino Rise team is gearing up for battle. The malevolent Comet Corporation is sending its high-tech fighting robots to destroy the legendary Dino Rock. However, Team Dino Rise won't let them get away that easily. Uncle Rob and Milow are working on special protective armour to help them and their dinos fend off the enemy. The Comet Corporation attacks with their battle robot, but Milow and his Saichania are perfectly equipped to face the enemy head on thanks to their durable armour. Milow, sitting on the dino's back, gets the projectiles locked and loaded, and the battle begins! Realistic dinos, durable armour and numerous functions as well as good and evil Playmobil figures let you bring the dino action into your home. The perfect playset for adventure-loving dino fans!

A villain approaches Team Dino Rise in their battle robot. The robot's cockpit can be easily folded back to accommodate an adult figure on the seat. The arms of the figure and the robot can be moved together with the control lever. The robot itself is extremely mobile and has arms that reach out over 4cm. One of the robot's arms is equipped with a pincer for gripping objects, while the other has a rotating and swivelling drill as well as a movable double cannon.

Thanks to its sophisticated functions and equipment, the Saichania is always ready for battle. Not only can the dinosaur move its legs, head, tail and open its lower jaw, but it is also equipped with removable armour. The dinosaur's tail armour can be used as a weapon with its spikes. For his partner Milow, a seat with a control panel is mounted on the back of the dino with a rotating and swivelling double cannon. Using a trigger, 2 firework rockets and 2 bolt projectiles can be ejected from the cannons.

In addition to the Saichania, the playset also includes the Playmobil figure Milow from the Dino Rise Team. The figure is equipped with attachable armour and a helmet so he is always ready for battle.

In the spectacular Dino Rise range from Playmobil, dinos and humans join forces! Together the dinos and figures from Team Dino Rise defend themselves against the dastardly attacks of the evil Comet Corporation. To help them in their cause, clever Milow and tinkerer Uncle Rob have equipped the Playmobil dinos with cool battle gear. With their dino-human power, Ian, Jaden, Ayla, Samu and the other friends face the enemy and their crafty robots alongside their dinosaur friends. Can Team Dino Rise defeat the fighting machines and save the dinosaur world?

Figures: 1 teenager, 1 villain;

Accessories: 1 Saichania, 1 back armour, 1 combat robot, 3 energy stones, 1 cap, 2 helmets, 1 chest armour, 1 pair of arm armour, 1 pair of arm guards

Suitable for children aged 5-10.