Playmobil Pirates 70414 Pirate Hideaway


Deep in the ocean, well hidden, lies the secret Pirate Hideaway. Few insiders know the location of this island. However, should a stranger ever reach the island, he must first find the treasure. It is well hidden under leaves and flowers in the skull and crossbones and is guarded by two pirates. To pass the time the two pirates often sit down in the shade of the palm tree and tell each other scary pirate stories. They get water from the well and a cheerful monkey also keeps them company.

With two pirates and treasure. Includes two hiding places to keep the gold safe.

The play set consists of a Pirate Hideaway with a skull and crossbones treasure hiding place, two PLAYMOBIL figures, a spider, a spider monkey, a spider, a scorpion, a fountain with a swivel arm and bucket and many other pirate-like extras.

Figures: Two pirates Animals: 1 spider monkey, 1 cayman, 1 spider, 1 scorpion Accessories: 1 skull, 1 treasure map, 1 torch, 1 palm tree, 1 well arm, 1 bucket, 2 hats, 1 rifle, 2 sabers, 1 flower, 1 liana, 1 rock, 1 bush, 5 flowers, 1 treasure chest, 3 gems, 2 bones Suitable for children aged 5 and up.