Playmobil Country Starter Pack Horseback Riding

£ 9.00

Perfect introduction to the Playmobil Country range!

Age-appropriate figures, accessories and endless fun! With the starter packs, children from the age of 3 can explore, discover and play in the colourful world of Playmobil.

In the Playmobil Horseback Riding Starter Pack, little horse lovers can enjoy the entire day in the riding stables with their favourite four-legged friends. After their riding lessons in the paddock, the horses need a tasty snack, and today juicy carrots and fresh hay are on the menu! Girls and boys alike can let their imagination run wild when playing on the adventurous farm with realistic Playmobil horses and numerous details.

These two horse lovers would love to spend the whole day riding their four-legged friends in the paddock, but there are chores to be done. Whether cleaning the stable or feeding and grooming the horses, there's lots to do before the end of the day. With the Playmobil Starter Pack, children from the age of 3 can create their own adventures surrounding the magical world of the Playmobil Country range.

The play set includes a male and female figure with removable headgear. The included horse figure can be mounted by adult figures and the hay can be skewered with the pitchfork.

There's never a dull moment with the Playmobil Country range. Whether it's long horse rides, adventurous tournaments or grooming sessions in the stables, there's a lot to discover and explore around the Playmobil farm. Today the four-legged friends have to be brought to the tournament with the Playmobil horse truck, while other animals need to be tended to around the farm. The detailed sets and accessories from the Country range by Playmobil let children create their own adventures around the farm.

19-piece play figure set: 1 horse, 2 figures, 16 accessories

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.