Playmobil 70134 Country Mobile Farm Market

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Delicious products taken fresh from the farm! In the new Mobile Farm Market from Playmobil, various produce such as vegetables, eggs and milk are available for sale. At the local weekly market, the food can be presented in an appealing style at the two sales booths. Thanks to the sack cart, the goods are quickly transported from the inside of the truck to the outside.

The farm shop vehicle has a folding counter so that customers can also be served comfortably from inside the shop. All you need to do to open the shop is push the left side of the vehicle up, which will fold the roof in. Practical: Both rear doors can also be opened. Additionally, the roof of the driver's cabin is removable.

The complete contents can be stowed in the vehicle. There is also room for two Playmobil figures in the driver's cabin. Additionally, the bulk loading vehicle has a trailer hitch.

Figures: 1 man, 1 woman

Accessories: 1 farm shop vehicle, 2 sales stands, 6 vegetable crates, 1 potato basket, 1 basket, 1 scale, 1 drinks crate, 2 bottles, 1 hanging shelf, 5 trays, 1 hand truck, 2 purses, 1 juice bag, 2 milk cart, 1 bread, 2 jam jars, 1 honey, 2 egg boxes, 1 set of cheese, 1 set of pears, 1 set of bananas, 1 set of rolls, 1 set of kale, 1 set of red cabbage, 1 set of cauliflower, 1 set of tomatoes, 1 set of peppers, 1 set of cucumbers, 1 set of carrots, 3 apples, 1 garlic, 2 chains of sausages

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.