Playmobil 70995 Country Horseback Riding Lessons



Animal adventures around the Playmobil Pony Farm

In the Playmobil riding stable and in the paddock, little horse fans completely forget the world around them. They work hard, sparing no effort to make the animals as comfortable as possible – especially when they go on holiday to the pony farm.

The girl is already looking forward to her first lesson in Playmobil riding lessons. Together with the riding instructor, the two ponies are first taken out of the stable boxes – the gates lead directly out onto the large horse meadow. Only when the girl's helmet fits properly and the halters are fastened to the Icelandic pony and Knabstrupper is she allowed to sit on the pony.

While the teacher guides the Playmobil animal safely on the vaulting rope, mum is of course also there to keep an eye out! Imaginative girls and boys experience exciting stories with the adventurous Playmobil horse farm with realistic Playmobil horses and lots of details.

Finally, it's off to the stables – the girl has her first Playmobil riding lesson, so her mum takes her to the riding instructor and the two Playmobil ponies Sparky and Jumper. The stable boxes can stand individually or be connected to each other with the help of an adapter. The rear door of the stalls leads to the horse meadow. The front stable doors are in two parts and the lower door can be locked from the outside. For individual labelling of the boxes, you can write on the blank levels or use the "Jumper" and "Sparky" labels.

The large run can be arranged as desired thanks to the many combinable fence elements – the two gate doors can each be locked with a chain. Now it's time for the riding lesson – the girl puts her helmet on and climbs up onto the back of the Playmobil pony, because child figures can ride the pony without a saddle. Mum can also put her helmet on and take a seat in the saddle of the big horse. Step by step, the riding instructor leads the pony across the meadow on the vaulting silicone rope – the girl and her mum are very proud!

After the successful riding lesson, the horses are brought back to the stalls. The horses have mastered the lesson with flying colours and want to be rewarded for it – the girl lovingly grooms and brushes the Icelandic pony at the end of the day. When's the next riding lesson?

There's never a dull moment with Playmobil Country – expect long rides, exciting tournaments and time spent pampering the horses in the stable. There are all kinds of things to discover and explore around the Playmobil farm and the Playmobil riding stable. The beloved four-legged friends are taken to the show on the Playmobil horse transporter. Meanwhile, the other Playmobil farm animals want to be looked after too. The farmer has just loaded hay onto the Playmobil tractor and is on his way! The detailed design of the farm toy with numerous individual parts brings the fun of life on the farm straight into the playroom.

Figures: 2 women, 1 girl; Animals: 1 horse, 1 pony; Accessories: 1 stable, 1 tree, 2 hay pads, 1 saddle. 1 saddle blanket, 1 halter with lunge, 1 whip, helmet, 1 child's helmet. 1 pony halter with rope, 1 pitchfork, 1 shovel, 1 sweeping rake, 1 haystack, 1 bucket, 2 horse piles, 1 visor cap, 1 horse blanket, 1 flower box, 1 grooming box with accessories, 3 ferns, 2 tufts of grass, 1 tuft of fodder

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.