Playmobil 70779 City Action Police Seaplane

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There's trouble in the Playmobil city! A gang of thieves is up to mischief and is involved in turbulent chases with the police – on the water, in the air and down alleyways.

In the Playmobil Smuggler Pursuit, the Playmobil thief makes his escape on the high seas in a rubber dinghy. But the villain apparently didn't count on the police seaplane showing up. The policewoman is hot on the criminal's heels from the air and is already throwing a rope to put a stop to the smuggler. Will she succeed?

And off they go – action is always the order of the day when it comes to playing with the Playmobil police station. Adventurous girls and boys can now experience and re-enact their own spectacular missions.

Things are going haywire in the Playmobil City. A smuggler is trying to sneak his stolen goods out of the country unnoticed in a rubber dinghy. Now the Playmobil police have to react quickly to put a stop to him. The Playmobil chase begins!

The thief feels safe in his inflatable boat and paddles away on the high seas. The Playmobil boat is floatable and offers space for two adult or child figures. In addition, the boat can be carried using the side handles, and the paddle can be fixed to the side of the inflatable boat.

But the Playmobil police are prepared for all difficult cases, including with a police seaplane. The Playmobil plane is buoyant and the propeller can be turned. It also has room for two figures in the cockpit and one figure can be securely fixed onto the floats using the foot clamp. To abseil down, the policewoman hooks the barb on the frame and holds on to the handles of the cord. The villain on the high seas probably didn't expect this visit from above!

To make the city even safer, you need professionals. While the firefighters from the brave Playmobil fire brigade are extinguishing every fire, the speedy Playmobil police and the SWAT teams go hunting for criminals and thieves. Those teams are backed up by the Playmobil aircraft and Playmobil helicopter by air, and the PLAYMOBIL ship and Playmobil boat by water. At the same time, the hard-working construction workers are working around the new high-rise building. There's never a dull moment in the city! The City Action range with its numerous figures and game functions includes Playmobil cars, the Playmobil fire station, the Playmobil police station, and the Playmobil construction site!

Figures: 1 policewoman, 1 hoodlum

Accessories: 1 seaplane, 1 motorboat, 1 cap, 1 peaked cap, 1 set of keys, 2 paddles, 1 bandana, 1 machete, 1 pair of handcuffs, 1 sack, 1 grappling hook, 1 rifle, 1 helmet

Suitable for children aged 5-10.