Playmobil City Action Fire Engine with Working Water Cannon

£ 43.00

Action in the city - it's exciting!

From exciting car chases with the police to dangerous operations with the fire brigade - every day, the city is full of hustle and bustle. Our everyday heroes are always on the spot. The fire brigade fans are optimally equipped for exciting firefighting actions with the Playmobil City Action Fire Engine. With bright blue lights and ringing sirens, they are ready for action, where firefighters rescue the victims and the cannon does all the work to extinguish the flames in no time. And off you go - exciting stories with characters in love with detail and extensive accessories await little explorers and everyday heroes.

The two firefighters know exactly how to put out a fire. They are equipped with detailed accessories and tools. The removable roof allows up to 4 firefighters to be placed in the car. And off you go: Thanks to the wide-ranging special equipment, any fire, no matter how big, can be quickly extinguished.

Ideal for encouraging realistic play, the Fire Engine features a lights and sound module on the roof (2 x AAA batteries required, not included).

To make the city even safer, you need professionals. While the firefighters extinguish every fire, the police officers go on a hunt for criminals and crooks. With its numerous characters and playsets which include sophisticated functions, the City Action range is exiting!

Figures: 2 firemen

Accessories: 1 fire engine, 3 storage drawers, 2 flames, 3 water arrow projectiles, 5 hoses, 1 hose winch, 1 hose winch with hose, 4 connectors, 3 suction hoses, 1 suction basket, 1 hydraulic pump, 1 radio, 1 fire extinguisher, 3 pylons, 1 canister, 1 broom, 1 shovel, 1 fire axe, 1 pair of pliers, 1 spreader, 1 jet pipe, 2 firefighter helmets with visor, 1 firefighter's breastplate, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 carrying frame, 1 breathing apparatus with hose, 1 warning triangle

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.