P-3A Student Microscope

£ 65.00
A high quality instrument purpose built for heavy classroom use. Anti-tamper safety features include locked-on eyepiece and stage clips, slip-clutch on the focusing movement to prevent over-focusing and focus-stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses. This model is provided with coarse focusing only and is particularly suited for Middle/Lower Secondary School use. Magnification Range x40, x100, x400 Parfocal Achromatic Objectives x4(0. 10), x10(0. 25), x40R(0. 65) (R=retractable) x10 widefield eyepiece with pointer Rotating 6-hole disc diaphragm Precise smooth-action Rack and Pinion coarse focusing Triple Objective Turret Plano concave mirror Dimensions 155x105x290mm Complete with dust cover Supplied in polystyrene pack Weight 1. 2kg