Nick Baker's Spider World

£ 10.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? Only 17 of Britain’s 37 families of spiders use webs to capture their prey. These webs come in many different forms – from the much-admired orb webs of garden spiders and their relatives to the much less welcome tangled webs of a daddy-long-legs.

Unleash your inner Zoologist and start your adventure into the natural world at home by discovering the fascinating life of spiders with this beautifully made habitat from My Living World in collaboration with TV Naturalist, Nick Baker.

When you come across one of those creepy crawly creatures around the house, rather than putting it outside, set it up a home with the help of this exciting kit.

Love them or hate them, spiders are truly amazing creatures. Now you can keep them as pets for a week or two and discover what makes them tick! This kit will entertain and enthral children for hours. Learn how to keep spiders safely, observe how they make their nests, how they feed and how they breed with the 24-page illustrated instruction guide written by naturalist, Nick Baker.

This is an ideal kit for young and inquisitive minds or anyone with a passion for the natural world. 

Box includes a clear tank and lid, field lens, tweezers, pipette, paintbrush and Nick bakers informative guide.