Nick Baker's Snail World

£ 10.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? The Giant African land snail grows to about 38cm (15in) and weighs about 1kg (2lb).

Unleash your inner Zoologist and start your adventure into the natural world by discovering the fascinating secret life of snails with this beautifully made habitat from My Living World in collaboration with TV Naturalist, Nick Baker.

Discover what makes snails tick and get an insight as to how snails live in their habitat with this fascinating nature kit. Learn how to safely keep, feed and study them to see right inside their amazing world. This kit provides hours of fun activity, comes with quality equipment and Nick Baker's comprehensive 24-page illustrated guide to snails that provides everything you need to know plus some interesting facts about these wonderful creatures. 

This is the perfect kit for young and inquisitive minds or anyone with a passion for the natural world. It is a brilliant educational activity to keep those budding young minds busy in summer.

Box includes Clear tank and lid, a pipette, forceps, a magnifying lens and the comprehensive 24-page instruction guide.