Nanoblock Saxophone


A miniature Saxophone made with micro-sized building blocks.

Mini collection models from nanoblock offer the perfect gift or pocket money toy for all ages.

These micro-sized building block sets come in a wide range of animals and musical instruments, so there's something for everyone.

Nanoblocks are a superior building experience with greater challenge, sophistication and detail than any other construction set.

Build models with incredible detail, astounding authenticity and unparalleled realism, results unmatched by other block-based systems.

With bricks as small as 4mmx5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a perfect fit, make amazing 3D art that fits in the palm of your hand.

Each Nanoblock set comes with spare blocks and detailed step-by-step building instructions.

Each set is marked with a difficulty rating level from 1-5. Start off at a beginner rating of 1 and work your way up to a challenging level 5.

Combine with other musical instruments from the Nanoblock mini collection.

Suitable for children aged 12 and up.