Moulin Roty Tirelire Theiere Money Box

£ 25.99
This cute and elegantly crafted teapot money box is perfect for keeping your children's pocket money safe and sound. Moulin Roty's Tirelire Theiere teapot money box is illustrated with flowers, and a magician mouse holding a magic wand. It’s a beautiful decorative object that will sit nicely anywhere in the home, from a chest of drawers to a mantle piece or even the kitchen. The quality of this resin money box is second to none as to be expected from Moulin Roty! Size:15 x 9 x 14 cm Suitable for all ages. Moulin Roty are fantastic at making traditional toys. They have been a well-known brand in the toy world for over 40 years, and Grasshoppers Toys offers a great selection of their products! In 1972, a group of 20 or so friends got together to share their idea of restyling vintage toys once made by their fathers and grandfathers. These high-quality toys are made with love as they are passed through the hands of illustrators and stylists, who bring to life a colourful character, a friend to be cared for and passed down the generations. All of the workshops have a close and long-lasting relationship with the home of Moulin Roty in Nort-sur-Erdre. All of the materials and fabrics are sourced from France and Europe and expertly put together to make the highest quality toys for your children. All materials and products are tested and approved in an independent French laboratory. All of the products are in compliance with the European standard NF-EN71 and bear the CE mark to confirm they have passed all the, mechanical, flammability and chemicals tests.