Molymod Inorganic-Organic Molecule Student Set MMS-009

£ 23.95
This system is designed for teaching concepts related to molecular structure. Using high quality plastic moulded spheres and connectors a wide variety of atomic structures can be learned. Designed to create open models. Kit contains: Spheres - 6 carbon, 14 hydrogen, 1 boron, 3 nitrogen, 7 oxygen, 2 sulphur, 2 phosphorus, 6 halogen, and 8 metals; 25 medium links (20 grey and 5 purple) and 12 long flexible links. Element spheres are 23mm in diameter, except the hydrogen and halogen, which are 17mm. The instruction sheets contains molecule diagrams for: Inorganic elements Hydrides Halides, chlorides, and fluorides Metal oxides and hydroxides Non-metal oxides and acide Salts Organic compounds