Make Your Own Glitter Slime

£ 12.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? A twelve-year-old, Maddie Rae, has the Guinness Record of making the biggest slime in the world. It weighed six tons.

Spark your little one’s creativity and watch their faces light up as they transform their basic ingredients into a magical, stretchy and glittering slime!

Keep the children entertained on those rainy days and school holidays. Slime making develops key motor skills and imaginative play. Follow the simple instructions and add the ingredients as indicated into the mixing bowl, and then mix them together. As the slime reaches the desired consistency, take it out of the bowl and finish the process by kneading it with your hands. The set includes enough ingredients to make three generous portions of fluffy slime in a selection of glittery colours.

All slime products are safe, non-toxic, and in line with all EU toy safety regulations. Test reports and official certifications can be made available upon request – see below for more details.

Safety Information: Tobar products are rigorously tested against EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3 and other relevant standards. Where necessary, third-party accredited companies ensure these products conform to the European Toy Safety Directive. Under EN71-3, slimes are classed as a liquid or sticky toy material and the limit for boron is 300mg/kg. Putties, under EN71-3, are classified as a pliable toy material and the Boron limit is 1200mg/kg. All our slime and putties fall below these limits. We are happy that our products conform to UK and EU legislation and are safe for children to use. Copies of the product test certificates are available upon request.