Make Your Own Clock

£ 11.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? Pennies are used to adjust the time in London’s Big Ben clock tower by changing the centre of mass of the pendulum. A single penny can adjust the time by 0.4 seconds per day!

Create your very own mechanical clock with this kit!

This colourful clock operates mechanically using a spring and gears to control the arms. By assembling the clock, learn how they are made, how gear wheels work and how a pendulum keeps its accuracy to give the correct time. A fun and educational project to make your own real working clock for display and use at home or in the classroom. 

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning on rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity.

No batteries required. Full instructions included. 

The clock is approximately 21cm across when assembled.

Ideal for children ages 6+