Jelli Crush Stretchy Doll - Pipsi Crush


Meet Pipsi Crush! The Jelli Crush stretchy-bestie who celebrates what's on the inside! 

Pipsi Crush is truly a one-in-a-melon kind of girl! She is one the cutest, sweetest, squishy, smooshy, stretchy dolls around. 

Squeeze, squish and stretch her amazing body, she feels like a luscious watermelon smoothie when kids squeeze her!

Girls will love playing with this gooey sweet pixie. Girls can squeeze, squish and stretch Pipsi Crush's amazing body and discover what's inside her gel!

Her incredible body can stretch up to 3 times its size and then return back to its original shape! 

Deliciously themed around watermelon, Pipsi Crush has a tasty-looking filling that relates to her name and styling. Kids will love to find Pipsi Crush's unique watermelon charm hidden inside her body. 

There are 6 different dolls to collect. Look out for the other Jelli Crush dolls - Bubba Gumm, Gummi Sours, Minni Mello, Sundae Melts and Candi Sweets. 

These positive, good-vibe friends are great fun toys to play with, fidget with and collect. 

Jelli Crush are no ordinary dolls, they are feel-good friends who love to share!

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.