High-Power Ultraviolet LED (1-Pack) with Adapter

£ 14.49
Let's face it: ultraviolet light is cool. So it only stands to reason that MORE ultraviolet light is cooler, right? These high-power UV LEDs consume 1 Watt of power and cast off a tremendous amount of UV light. They are perfect for lighting creations with a lot of fluorescent or glow-in-the-dark parts (yes, LEGO® space fans, we're calling YOU!), and because of their high power, one high-power LED goes a long way.
WARNING: EMITS ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION. Do not look directly into the LED during operation— doing so can cause permanent damage to eyes and skin. Use UV filtered glasses. Keep out of reach of children.
When planning a lighting system that includes these high-power LEDs, you may need to plan for multiple power sources. Do not connect more than four high-power LEDs to a single power source (or a maximum of two high-power LEDs to a single Lighting Effect Controller).