HeadU Montessori Touch Bingo Letters & Words

£ 24.99
Montessori Touch Bingo is perfect for your child’s cognitive and language development. It is based off the Montessori method which aims at introducing the child to a new concept, in turn leading them to a path of understanding. The Montessori method aims to help the child develop holistically while providing them with the opportunity to learn independently. This game is a fun and tactile way to help your child learn their words and letters. Thanks to the frosted cards and progressive tokens, the child completes their own card which has different letter and words. The game encourages children to think and use their cognitive mind to get their Bingo. This game is recommended for children aged between 3 and 6 Contains: • 6 bingo cards; • 18 card-numbers; • 18 tokens-quantity; • 1 organic cotton bag; • 1 teaching guide