Hape Mix 'n' Bake Blender

by Hape

Can't wait to grow up and become real baker? Then practice makes perfect, and with the Mix & Bake Blender, children can pretend to bake using their own flour & sugar packets, bowl and adjustable blender. Pour the sugar and flour into the bowl and mix together using the adjustable blender.

The Mix & Bake Blender comes complete with kitchen blender, bowl, flour bag and sugar bag. Made with high-quality wood for a realistic, modern look that will inspire play and fire children’s imaginations. Realistic details such as the mixer’s knob that can be turned to activate the blender and the dial that can be twisted for fun, will inspire your child’s imagination.

WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face. Before first use thoroughly wash all non-wooden parts of the product. For toy use only. Not for use with real food or a real stove/oven.

Suitable for children aged 3 and up.