Hape Jumpin' Bunnies Game Set

£ 2.50
by Hape
These six cute bunnies jump when you press down and release their tails! Set includes a summer scene diorama that you can fold into a box to jump your bunnies into. See who can jump most bunnies into the box! Unfold the box and you have a long jump target game. See who can jump their bunnies to score the highest! Includes six bunnies in three colours that jump when you press and release their tails. The diorama lets you create a fun summertime scene and even turns into a box for you to jump your bunnies into, and on the other side are numbered boxes - see who can jump their bunnies onto the highest score! Multiple play options. Safe to hold and easy-to-grip for little fingers Suitable for children aged 3 and up.