Glow In The Dark Planets & 100 Nova Stars

£ 11.95

Curious Minds Did You Know? A full NASA space suit costs around $12,000,000!

Transform your ceiling into a magical night sky with these glow-in-the-dark planets and stars. If you're feeling creative, stick the stars to the ceiling in the orientation of a constellation such as The Plough, or if you're feeling romantic, perhaps the shape of a heart. Once the light is switched off, they glow for a long time and are so soothing to look at as sleep carries you away.

When the lights are out, they'll glow and slowly fade until being recharged by light during the day.

The box contains 100 assorted sizes of glow stars and paper planets. Stick on your walls and ceilings using the sticky tape included to create your own glowing space decoration!