Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution


Plastic pollution is one of the most damaging environmental issues that we face today. And no one is more passionate about solving this problem and protecting our world than kids! This new tile in the best selling Fundamental Science series gives young science enthusiasts all the information they need to investigate and do their part to help solve this problem now and for the future. Packed with facts, discussion topics, imaginative ideas for activities, experiments and investigations, this book will have Key Stage 1 students eager to use their science skills and knowledge to tackle plastic pollution head on. The book is supported by free downloadable teacher resources. Contents: What is plastic and how is it made? Positive uses for plastic in our world The problem with single-use plastic All about plastic bags All about plastic bottles Where does plastic waste go? Plastics and landfill Plastic in the ocean Giant ocean garbage patches Ocean animals in danger Can we clean up the ocean? Meet the scientists tackling plastic pollution Reducing, Reusing, Recycling Tomorrow's smart consumers How can you help? Be an Ocean Clean-up Champion! Great STEM learning.