Galt Frightful First Experiments Kit

by Galt

Curious Minds Did You Know:

Marie Curie was a fine example of a woman who was devoted to making a change in the scientific world. Despite dying from her exposure to radiation she made groundbreaking changes to science as we know it, discovering the elements Polonium and Radium and winning two Nobel prizes!

18 frightfully foul first-time experiments for budding horrible scientists. Discover how to stack lively liquids, perform eye-popping illusions and make your breakfast fly! Find out how to mix up mad molecules, learn about the shocking power of static electricity and check out gruesome guzzling plants!

Contents: 3 test tubes, test tube rack, goggles, ball mould and crystals, magnifying glass, spinner, slime pot, squishy eyeballs, 3 food colourings, Petri-dish, funnel, pipette, pH scale and paper, printed card pieces, stickers, tissue paper, 2 balloons, 3 mixing sticks, 2 rubber bands, paper clip and 40 page lab notebook.