Full Dissecting Kit in Nylon Pouch

£ 12.99
A special set of prepared slides especially suited to all levels, including students up to University level. The prepared slide set comprises of 12 slides packed and fully labelled in a slide storage box.

Agaricus v.s.
Mucor Sporangia w.m.
Penicillium Conidia w.m.
Rhizopus Veg w.m.
Yeast Cell w.m.
Cystopus Conidia w.m.
Puccinia Teleuto on wheat stem
Puccinia Uredo on wheat leaf
Aspergillus Conidia
Ustilago with host
Morchella c.s.
Mucor Vegetative w.m.
Full kit containing nine high quality dissecting tools in a canvas carry pouch. Includes Blunt Forceps, Fine Point Forceps, Seekers, Cutting Needle, Dissecting Needle, Scalpel x2 and Scalpel Sterile Blades.