Flights of Fancy Pond Dipping

£ 12.00

Curious Minds Did You Know? In mediaeval times, the word ‘pond’ didn’t have anything to do with size; it was used for any artificially created body of water, however big.

Nature enthusiasts and budding young naturalists are going to love getting out into the wilderness with the Pond Dipping kit from Flights of Fancy.

A dip down memory lane: many of us may remember collecting sticklebacks and water insects in a jam jar. Here’s everything you need to relive those memories and even bring your little ones along with you. Learn all about pond life (streams and rivers too) with this informative kit that includes 24 pond life identification cards, a magnified collection jar, fishing net, notepad and pencil plus full instructions on how to collect and identify your own pond insects.

This is the perfect gift for young and inquisitive minds or anyone with a passion for the outdoor world. It is a brilliant educational activity to keep those budding young minds busy in summer and spend some valuable time with the family.

 Suitable for children aged 6+.

Adult supervision recommended.