Exploring Botany Prepared Microscope Slides (set of 25)

£ 24.99
Clear, pre-washed glass. These coverslips are 0.15mm thick. Each case is vacuum packed for easy opening with no need for scissors. Our coverslips are made from the highest quality glass. The coverslips are suitable for both general and laboratory use.

A set of prepared slidessuitable for anyone interested in exploring the world of fungi and microscopy, the slides will be useful for younger scientists, home educators, science enthusiasts and university level students.

The prepared slide set comprises 12 slides packed and fully labelled in a slide storage box.

Subjects include:

  • Agaricus - vertical section
  • Mucor Sporangia - whole mount
  • Penicillium Conidia - whole mount
  • Rhizopus Veg - whole mount
  • Yeast Cell - whole mount
  • Cystopus Conidia - whole mount
  • Puccinia Teleuto on wheat stem
  • Puccinia Uredo on wheat leaf
  • Aspergillus Conidia
  • Ustilago with host
  • Mucor Vegetative - whole mount
  • Morchella - cross section