Epoch Sylvanian Families Bakery Shop Starter Set

£ 27.00
Treat your Sylvanian Families characters to some baked goods with this fabulous Bakery Shop Starter Set! Lots of toy baked goods are included, such as buns and breads in all shapes and sizes, along with an array of utensils and bakery items, including a rolling pin, an apron, a cash register and more (37 pieces in all). Perfect for fun and varied bakery pretend play. It's as simple as placing the bread on the oven tray, turning the dial on the oven and baking the bread until it's ready for your Sylvanian's to enjoy! Combine this set with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage (Sold Separately) to turn the house into a bakery! You can also combine this set with the Family Picnic Van (Sold Separately) to create a mobile bakery! Suitable for children aged 3 years and up.