Crystal Wonder Science Kit

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Curious Minds Did You Know? Taaffeite is considered the rarest crystal in the world because there are only around 50 known samples of this rare gemstone.

The Crystal Wonder Science Kit is an excellent way to ignite a love for science and explore the fascinating formation of these unique and beautiful shapes.

Start a collection by growing your own crystals in the provided growing container for a fun, sparkling hands-on chemistry experiment. Watch the molecules within the liquid pull together creating a unique pattern then add a dash of colour to put your very own touch on these majestic crystals.

Both fun and educational, with the Crystal Wonder Science Kit you’ll find out about saturated solutions, discover how particles behave in water and learn how crystals are formed.

The Crystal Wonder Kit from Discover Science includes all the ingredients needed to produce crystallised salts, just like real quartz. The kit includes a comprehensive instruction booklet. Produces magical crystal clusters that last forever (but because they are water-soluble, there are limits to our extravagant claim). Our special process ensures fantastic results every time. Crystals have a quartz-like appearance like those shown on the front of the box.

A brilliant gift set for a young, excited and inquisitive mind. Ideal to foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning on rainy days and a fantastic school holiday activity.  

Ideal for children aged 10+