Creative Crafthouse Hand Crafted Wooden Napier's Bones

£ 45.99
Napier's Bones was designed in 1617 by John Napier a Scottish Mathematician. In its day it was a wondrous device that simplified complex multiplication and other math processes such as long division and square roots. It was essentially the first calculator and was in common use for nearly 3 centuries. Unlike other sets of Napier's bones on the market, our Napier's Bones come with two 2 full sets of rods to increase the versatility of the set; the more rods you have, the more complex and varied numbers you can manipulate. Thus the set that we sell has 2 full sets of rods #0-9 (20 rods in total) that can be both used and stored in the attractive base with cover. Rods are made from 1/8” thick alder and are deeply laser engraved. The base is a 7" x 7" square and the rods are each 6" long. This beautiful presented double set of Napier's Rods made from alder wood, comes presented in a lovely wooden case, making an exquisite and unusual gift for any mathematician.