Children's Fossil Hunting Kit Years 5-11

£ 47.99

Curious Minds Did You Know? Scientists have calculated that the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old!

 Let your budding young palaeontologist explore the mystical creatures and plant life that covered the planet millions of years ago with this Children’s Fossil Hunting Kit!

This is an outstanding pack and put together especially for children. The canvas bag doubles as a haversack for collecting fossils, and the pack contains tools suitable for children, such as field equipment, safety equipment, genuine fossils and reading material.

Included with this fantastic kit:

Discover Science Rocks & Fossils
Double Folding Magnifier
Mosasaur Tooth
Fossilised Shark Tooth
15mm Diameter Compass
Permanent Marker
Data cards on Various Fossils
Discovering Geology; Trilobites, Belemnites & Ammonites
Pack of 100 zip lock bags
Promotional Fossil Hunting Rule
200-gram Geological Hammer

This is an ideal gift for any child who wishes to become a Fossil Hunter!