Cambridge Brainbox Primary 2 Electronics Kit


The Cambridge Brainbox Primary 2 Electronics Kit is designed to teach children the basic principles of electricity and electronics in a fun way.

The Primary 2 Kit covers the requirements of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 & 2 with links to Design and Technology, and adds many extra and exciting experiments for good measure!

Due to the ease of construction children can quickly build, dismantle and build again. For young children, the brightly coloured parts make it very easy to identify what goes where. The manual uses both block diagrams and circuit symbols, so students soon learn how to understand and interpret circuit diagrams. Worksheets and notes for parents included. Robust, brightly coloured and number coded parts aid construction.

Over 100 experiments to do.

Learn about and design electric circuits. Find out how to control brightness of lamps. Learn about and use different types of switches. Experiment with an electric motor. Experiment with conductors and insulators. Find out how to use light-emitting diodes. Learn about series and parallel circuits. Find out about AND and OR gates. Build a flying fan. Produce electronic sirens.

Suitable for ages 8 - 12.