3D Periodic Table


Curious Minds Did You Know? Francium is the rarest element on earth, it is so volatile that less than 30 grams of it exist at any given time!

The Alexander Arrangement of Elements with Theodore Gray's Photography of the Natural Elements - the forever periodic table!

This model follows the principles of a three-dimensional periodic table developed by Roy Alexander: a printed representation of element information based on strict adherence to the Periodic Law, with every element data box physically and visually contiguous and continuous within the sequence of atomic numbers in generally accepted element property related columns... the periodic table the way it's supposed to be!

This is made possible by wrapping, folding, and joining what is basically a printed standard format periodic chart employing the patented p-block downslant of the element data boxes to allow the end element of a period to be adjacent to the first element of the next period. The short periods are joined by the exit and return of the longer blocks to the same column intersection, avoiding the familiar gaps and Rare Earths displacement.

Ideal for students studying chemistry and those science enthusiasts whose curiosity knows no bounds!