Build A Wooden Strauss Bascule Bridge Kit

£ 17.33

Curious Minds Did You Know: The Strauss Bascule bridge is a modern drawbridge made of steel, it was developed by the American engineer Joseph Strauss. One of the most famous Bascule bridges in the world is Tower Bridge in London.

Probably the coolest bridge we make, this is a replica of the Joseph Strauss design that was made all over North America in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Well known bridges of this type are the Johnston Street (Blue Bridge) in Victoria, B.C., Wishka River bridge in Washington, the Ashtaula Bridge in Ohio, the Cherry Street bridge in Toronto and the Third Street Bridge in San Francisco. Sized to fit wooden train sets, this bridge is an elegant reminder of the cool truss bridges that used to be built years ago and are still in use! Great to use for school bridge studies and to learn more about interesting linkages, this kit will bring a new level of sophistication to playing with wooden cars and trains. Graffiti is not included, but that gives you the chance to be creative!