Biochemistry Student Molecular Model Set

£ 23.95
Molymod® is a range of high quality molecular model kits designed for use by students, teachers and researchers. The Molymod® biochemistry set for students can be used to make any number of simple organic molecules but in particular the set is designed to allow the user to make many important biological molecules including amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, purines, pyrimidines, glycerides, and phospholipids. The set includes some hydrogen atoms with two holes allowing the depiction of hydrogen bonding. Atom parts are made of attractive solid plastic spheres. In this set they are available with from 1 - 4 holes in the usual angular orientations. Atoms • 12 carbon atoms (black, 4 holes, tetrahedral) • 9 carbon atoms (black, 3 holes, trigonal) • 11 oxygen atoms (red, 2 hole, angular) • 2 oxygen atoms (red, 1 hole) • 22 hydrogen atoms (white, 1 hole) • 3 hydrogen atoms (white, 2 holes, for H-bonding) • 3 nitrogen atoms (blue, 4 holes, tetrahedral) • 6 nitrogen atoms (blue, 3 holes, trigonal) • 2 nitrogen atom (blue, 2 holes, angular) • 1 sulfur atom (yellow, 2 hole, angular) • 1 phosphorus atom (purple, 4 hole, tetrahedral) Bonds • 40 medium links (grey, single bonds) • 10 long flexible links (grey, double bonds for instance)