Beautiful Glass Klein Jar

£ 54.99
Our beautiful Klein Bottle is made from glass and makes a stunning talking point. A Klein Bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface: a three-dimensional body that doesn't have an inside or outside, it has just one surface! You might be more familiar with the two-dimensional Moebius Strip: if you take a long strip of paper, twist it once and glue the ends together, you have a paper ring with just one surface. If you trace your finger along the surface of a Moebius Strip, you will see that you cover both sides without having to go across the edge. A Klein Bottle has the same property: you can get from the inside to the outside without having to cross the edge of a spout. In three dimensions this is only possible by cutting a hole into the side of the bottle and leading the neck through this opening. This is not an easy thing to do and you need to be a very experienced glass blower to accomplish it.

You can even fill the bottle with a fluid and then stand it on its opening. We should mention though that filling and emptying the bottle is not easy because of the trapped air, and cleaning the inside of the bottle is virtually impossible.

A very decorative mathematical model, an interesting conversation piece, and a great present!