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Basic GCSE Slide Set of 25

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by Edulab
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Set of 25 slides as specified for GCSE Biology syllabus: Human blood smear Kidney TS Lily anther tetrads TS Skin, sweat glands VS Ovary VS Spinal Cord TS Yeast (saccharomyces) E Dicot stem apex LS Dicot stem separate bundles TS Monocot (zea) root TS Allium root tip, mitosis LS Allium root tip,squash Monocot leaf epidermis E Artery and vein TS Squamous epithelium Kidney injected VS Lung VS Skin,hair insertion VS Lung injected VS Testis TS Pancreas TS Mucor asexual E Moss leaf, for cells Dicot leaf TS Dicot stem old TS

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