Arty Farty Things To Do Mini Kits

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A range of tiny sets stuffed with arty farty things to do. Perfect for a rainy day stuck indoors! Choose from the Paper Chains Kit, the Fortune Tellers Kit, the Mini Stationery Kit, or the Mini Art Set.

Create beautiful paper doll chains and play with them to your hearts content. Colour them in to look like friends and family or create your very own unique characters.

Ever wanted to know your future? Well now you can not only see your future but predict your friends' and family's too! Create your very own paper fortune teller and become the oracle of your house. Or just create some super funny predictions to prank them!

Make letter writing cool again! You’ll have everything you need to write a miniature letter with this set containing mini paper. mini envelopes and a mini pencil, plus stickers and an eraser. There is also a template so you can make more of the tiny envelopes.

Create your very own miniature masterpieces with this mini art set. It contains all the tiny tools you need to create works of art in miniature. Not even Van Gogh worked with materials this tiny!

You can either receive a kit at random or specify which you'd prefer at the checkout. If you want to be sure you'll get the kit you want, send us a message before you order using the chat function on our website and we'll check our stock and get back to you.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.