Kidz Labs Survival Science Kit

£ 16.95

 Curious Minds Did You Know? The universal distress signal is 3. Blow a whistle 3 times or yell ‘Help!’ if you are in trouble.  

Are you a budding young adventurer? Learn how to survive in even the farthest reaches of the planet with the Kidz Labs Survival science kit!

Science is not just for the classroom! It can be used to explore and survive in the wild. This 30-piece kit fits together to create different pieces of survival equipment that have kept explorers exploring for hundreds of years. Learn how to navigate with a compass and measure distance on maps, learn to tell the time using the sun, learn the secret communication language, Morse code used in World War 2, learn how light refracts to create your very own telescope and even learn how to purify your own water in a condensation flask! All this handy kit and more packed into one handy survival carry case.

Box includes components to make a telescope, sundial, torch, Morse code machine, Water purifier, compass, reflective mirror, whistle, magnifier.

Please note: This is not an actual survival kit to be used in real survival situations. It is intended to demonstrate the science of survival.