Universal Sundial Ring Model Making kit

£ 13.99

Curious Minds Did You Know: The sun dial is the oldest known instrument for telling the time!

The universal sundial ring is the queen of all sundials. It is closely related to the armillary sphere, because similar to this, it depicts the surrounding firmament with its rings: The revolving suspension shows the position of the zenith (the highest point of the firmament) and the lowest point lying opposite, which is on the hidden half of the celestial sphere, which is called the nadir.

Sundial rings, which first showed up at the end of the 14th century, first appeared in their present form in England around 1620 and were in use until the 18th century. Some of them can still be found in museums where they count among the most valuable treasures. Once you have enjoyed building your own fully functioning sundial ring with this clever kit, you can measure Real Solar Time (also called Real Local Time, the time determined by the course of the sun), exactly as sailors, travellers and astronomers did in the past. The reading is precise down to a few minutes and very easy to do, as is explained after the building instructions.

This sundial can be adjusted to any location in the world to show the local time.

Why Curious Minds Recommends: We recommend the Universal Sundial Ring Kit due to the accuracy of the kit construction and the pleasurable experience of building an extremely robust and beautiful precision instrument. Once built, the model actually functions meaning your astronomy experience will continue long after the building of the model is completed.