Rob Walrecht Genieten van de Sterrenhemel

£ 14.99
The first of a series of three astronomy books for beginners. They will for the time being only be available in Dutch, but we hope to find partners to publish versions in English, French, German and other languages.
The books are written in a style well suited for young and old and are filled with colourful illustrations. Text, illustrations and lay-out by Rob Walrecht. Published in November 2006.
This book, B01 - Genieten van de sterrenhemel (Enjoying the starry sky) is the real introduction, with the astronomy basics, like the "day", the "year" and the seasons; man and the cosmos (about our time, the calender, the tides); the distances in space and our means to measure them; all about star charts and the planispheres; with a useful and fun observation programme per season (with the naked eye, binoculars and the planisphere).