Hape Nature Fun Compass Set

£ 8.00
by Hape

Get set for the great outdoors with this camper’s set. Includes a compass and a carabiner to help stow your gear (up to 10kg).

Made with sustainable materials.

Find your way with the compass, signal with the mirror and attach gear with the carabiner!

The compass is fully functioning and points north. The mirror on the reverse side can reflect the sun for signalling purposes. Carabiner can hold up to 10kg and can be used to attach keys, water bottles, lights, and camping gear to your tent, backpack or boat.

Made from sustainable materials including bamboo and biomass (non-oil-based) plastic.

Helps children find their way and stay organized when outdoors. Less chance of them and their gear getting lost.

Helps to develop survival skills and encourages children to be active outdoors.

Suitable for children aged 4 and up.