Sylvanian Families Village Pizzeria

£ 29.99
The Village Pizzeria is home to the most delicious pizzas in Sylvanian Village. Change the direction of the building to change the size of the room and front garden. Perfect your pizza with the Village Pizzeria! Cook up a storm using the pizza making tools and ingredients and dough-n’t forget to include your favourite toppings. In summer, your Sylvanians can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine on the open terrace space. - Includes tasty looking pizza ingredients - Make pizza with the pizza making tools provided - The floor can be replaced to change the floorspace of the building Create a shopping street townscape using the passage in front of the building by placing alongside Grocery Market (sold separately). Main Unit, Floor, Fence x2, Window (Large), Window (Small) x3, Pizza Oven, Pizza Peel, Counter, Ingredients Container, Pizza Tray x2, Rolling Pin, Pizza Cutter, Pepper Grinder, Cheese Grater, Cheese, Cheese Tray, Pizza Base, Tomato Pizza (Whole), Tomato Pizza (Cut), Seafood Pizza (Whole), Seafood Pizza (3/4), Seafood Pizza (Slice) x2, Table, Chair x2, Menu (a total of 31 pieces)