Lego DOTS 41935 Lots of DOTS

£ 17.99
Open self-expression with Lego DOTS tiles. All the tiles a kid needs to express themselves through one-of-a-kind designs that can be reimagined to fit any mood or style. This massive Lego DOTS Lots of DOTS arts and crafts set for kids is the widest selection of DOTS tiles for DOTS bracelets or room décor. Features more than 1,000 tiles in a rich tapestry of beautiful colours, some of which have never been included in DOTS sets before. Includes 44 different types of DOTS tiles and lots of inspiration, to decorate bracelets, room decor items or any other Lego sets. All the tiles work with all the other DOTS sets, allowing kids to create unlimited patterns and take crafting to the next level. The extra joy of this crafts set for girls and boys is the chance it offers kids to mix and match colourful tile patterns with their friends. 1,000+ Lego DOTS tiles in cool colours and shapes – ideal for kids to make their own designs (2 8x12 baseplates not included). A perfect set for group play. Mix, match, create and share designs (sets sold separately). The tiles fit on all DOTS and Lego sets (sold separately). Suitable for children aged 6 and up.