Large Orbit Pro View DNA Model Kit

£ 120.69
The Orbit Proview DNA Model is a high-quality model from Cochrane's of Oxford which helps understand the chemistry that controls life, while engaging and educating at the same time. Building the model both engages and educates students and creates an impressive display and teaching resource. The completed model then makes an impressive display demonstrating the helical nature of DNA base-pairing. In this version the following base pairs and structural groups can be made individually using the Orbit molecular modelling system: Thymine-Adenine, Cytosine-Guanine, sugar rings and phosphate groups. These are then brought together to make the finished model.12 base pairs show more than one turn of the double helix and the major and minor grooves of the protein lysozyme. Each atom is shown and coloured bonds indicate covalent or hydrogen bonding. The Orbit Proview DNA Model is an attractive piece of kit which aids in understanding the chemistry that controls life, and is ideal for educating students. The finished model is 85cm high and 40cm wide and can set on a suitable stand (e.g. 90 cm laboratory stands) or hung from a hook. Please note that the Display Stand is sold separately and is not included with the models.