HeadU The Human Body Under X-Ray

£ 18.99
The Human X-Ray Body is perfect for your child’s cognitive and physical development. This puzzle is a fun way to help your child develop their understanding of the human body, including the bones, organs and the different functions of your body. Look at the images and discover how fascinating the human body is: o It’s vital organs o It’s apparatus o It’s skeletal system and much more In addition to the puzzle, you can use the magic torch to complete the secret missions and try to see what you can observe with the naked eye. This puzzle is recommended for ages 6 – 10. Contains: • 1 puzzle approximately 60 x 35 • 84 pieces • 10 double sided mission tiles • 1 marker pen and eraser • 1 magic torch Please read the special warnings regarding the electronic products on the package. 3 AAA batteries required.